Our Cacao


Our ceremonial cacao is ancient plant medicine that speaks to the heart with wisdom and grace.


I have been searching for over a decade to find ceremonial cacao that offers such beautiful, powerful medicine, and I am honored and humble to share it with you. 

Our ceremonial cacao is plant spirit medicine that has been grown and prepared to honor the spirit of cacao for use in cacao ceremony, healing and journeying. We collaborate with the indigenous community of the Ashaninka people in the Peruvian Amazon to offer this heirloom Criollo ceremonial cacao.

The Ashaninka are one of the oldest and largest indigenous communities of the Amazon rainforest. Working with their community helps to prevent deforestation of the rainforest, protect their land, and support their livelihood and autonomy. Cacao creates a biodiverse and regenerative ecosystem that preserves both the rainforest and their economy. Through offering cacao, the Ashaninka are able to protect their land from being logged and destroyed. Working with cacao honors their indigenous traditions as they live in communion with the rainforest and maintain their ancient cultures and practices.

Our heirloom Criollo cacao grows along the headwaters of the Amazon River, where ancient cacao trees grow wild. It is not grown as a mono-crop, but rather within the entire biodiverse ecosystem of the rainforest. This supports the spirit of the cacao plant in retaining its wild nature, and protects the land and practices of the indigenous people. The Ashaninka use their ancient knowledge and tradition to grow this Amazonico cacao in a way that honors and reveres the plant.

Our cacao is hand harvested and prepared using traditional methods to allow for the purest plant medicine for healing. The beans are sun dried, hand sorted, hand peeled, toasted over fire, ground by stone, set into paste, and shaved into powder for intentional use.

This wild cacao carries ancient medicine that unfolds profound journeys for spirit healing. Enjoy with love.