Our mission is to honor the wisdom of cacao and share her medicine with the people, because as we heal ourselves, we heal the earth.


Cacao Mamma is here to offer a portal for healing ourselves and the planet. This wild cacao holds an ancient wisdom that is powerful medicine for journeying deep within the Self. Cacao is a holy plant ally who helps guide us home to our highest Selves. She is here to remind us of our innate wisdom and inner knowing, and hold us as we remember.

As the earth gets sicker, we see it is us humans that need the greatest healing. We forget how to love ourselves, and so forget how to love our earth. Cacao holds us in unconditional love so we feel safe to do the work within. Cacao is patient and compassionate, waiting for us to be ready, while empowering us with our greatest strengths. She helps us go toward and through our pain, and find the love waiting for us on the other side. As we each travel deeper on our journey to loving our Selves, so we journey toward loving the earth and healing our home together.