"This is the medicine of cacao. She reminds you just how strong you are, and just how much you love yourself."

I founded Cacao Mamma in response to many (long resisted) messages from cacao, calling me to share her wisdom. After the birth of my daughter, I was finally ready to listen and walk in my truth to share the passion and deep love that I have for this sacred plant medicine. The medicine of cacao is needed now more than ever, and I am honored to share her healing. Cacao has dramatically changed my life and helped me through times of deep grief. The patience and love of her medicine have been integral in helping me to move through pain and find the love waiting on the other side. Cacao Mamma is named in honor of the spirit of the cacao plant. Her name came to me in ceremony as she is one of the great, ancient mothers of the earth.
I am a mother and healer and have been working with cacao, plant spirit medicine, and energy healing for over a decade. Cacao Mamma is a woman-owned and operated small business located in Portland, Oregon. We are dedicated to sharing the wisdom of cacao and plant spirit communication. I am also the co-founder of Buddha Chocolate, a clean, conscious cacao company, founded in 2010, based in Portland, Oregon. I believe connecting with plants is one of the most magical gifts the earth has to offer. All of my work is shaped by the understanding that love is the most powerful energy.

"The medicine of cacao asks us to love ourselves. She is patient, holding us in unconditional love, so we feel safe to do the work within. Cacao plant medicine is unique in that she offers us agency in our own healing. She waits for us to choose to do the work. This agency is a profound gift, because it is in that moment of choice that we love ourselves a little bit more. To choose to heal, is to choose love. Every time you make this choice you are remembering that you are worthy of healing and worthy of your own love. This is the medicine of cacao. She reminds you just how strong you are, and just how much you love yourself."

In love,
Laura Pia, Founder