Cacao Medicine Circles

Cacao Ceremony Ceremonial Cacao 

We believe in holding cacao as a sacred plant through deep listening and remembering.


*All Cacao Medicine Circles have been postponed due to COVID-19

In Cacao Medicine Circle we come together to work with the plant spirit of cacao. Cacao is a powerful, patient, and compassionate plant who holds profound love medicine. Cacao guides us to heal, holding space for us to do the work within so we can return to loving ourselves, others, the plants, and the planet. Cacao Medicine Circles are led by Laura Pia in ally with the cacao plant.

In Cacao Medicine Circle, we connect as a community and unite with the wisdom of cacao. We honor the many lands and cultures that cacao comes from and honor our highest selves as the ultimate teacher. We tune into our energy bodies and join on an inward journey with the plant spirit to embrace powerful self healing.

Our cacao brew is prepared with our 100% ceremonial grade Cacao Mamma wild cacao, sourced from the jungle of Peru. We sit together and go inward on a deep meditative journey, using all of our senses to hear, see, and feel the plant within our unique energy bodies. We tune in to listen deeply to the plant and our inner selves. We journey towards the sensations we feel to uncover any healing that is ready to be done. Sound healing accompanies the journey as guided by the energy of the people and space, using instruments such as gong, crystal singing bowls, rattle, and chimes. The journey is grounded by medicine drumming and often tethered with song.

In medicine circle you journey at your own pace, as feels right within your unique experience. This work may be a deep spirit cleanse for some, or a gentle nurturing for others. Each of us is on a unique and individual healing path. We come to sacred circle to listen in.

The medicine space is held as a safe, closed container of loving energy, allowing us to connect deeply to the plant medicine and remember our highest selves.

We hold cacao as a sacred plant through remembering. We share cacao medicine because as we heal ourselves, we heal the earth.