Single Serve Ceremonial Cacao

Meet our single serve satchels, which hold an individual portion of ceremonial cacao. They are perfect for gifts, favors, or to take home after ceremony. 1 oz of ceremonial cacao per satchel.

Ingredients: 100% ceremonial grade cacao from whole cacao beans

Preparation recommendation: Pour contents of pouch into vessel and combine with 1 teaspoon coconut sugar and 2 ounces boiling water. Blend until creamy with immersion blender. Sip in meditation. Listen with the heart.

Our Ceremonial Cacao is plant spirit medicine that has been grown and prepared to hold the essence of the cacao plant for use in healing and journeying. This rare wild cacao holds potent and graceful spirit medicine. It grows untamed in the jungle of Peru, along the headwaters of the Amazon River. It is hand harvested by local women and prepared using traditional methods to allow for the purest plant medicine for healing. The beans have been sun dried, hand sorted, toasted over fire, ground by stone, and shaved into powder for intentional use.

The purchase of this cacao helps to prevent deforestation of the amazon rainforest, protects the land of the indigenous peoples and supports their livelihood and autonomy.